Category: Windows

Microsoft Mouse Without Borders

In my role as a software developer and system administrator I’ve elected to haul around a laptop with me, specifically the Dell M6500 Mobile Workstation, so I have the versatility to work from where ever I happen to be when...

/ August 3, 2012

Fixing the Windows 7 Slow Logon – Waiting for the User Profile Service

Since moving to Windows 7 my work laptop has constantly been plagued with a slow logon when I’m not physically connected to my work network. The entire point of having a laptop is so that I don’t need to be...

/ September 30, 2011

Windows System Image Manager Execution Failed

Recently I was trying to create a sysprepped image of my Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 instance using the new Windows System Image Manager. The problem I kept encountering was that everytime I tried creating the catalog, and selecting the...

/ April 8, 2010